Milestones at Ascension

"Just as the ancient roadways used stones to mark the miles traveled, so homes can use faith milestones to mark our journey.”


Milestone Ministries are designed to help parents and families become comfortable with faith talk.  Milestones ministry is about opportunities for education, support, recognition, and affirmation.  Milestones ministry helps build a child’s relationship with Jesus and with faith-bearing adults.

Purposes of Milestone Ministries:
-To recognize and affirm moments that are right for a child’s next step in his/her faith journey and to celebrate it in the life of the congregation;
-To equip the Christian home as the primary place where faith formation occurs;
-To empower the Christian home for its ministry of passing on the faith to children by modeling the importance of nurturing faith in a worship experience;
-To involve the members of the congregation in supporting parents in their ministry of nurturing their children’s faith;


In Holy Baptism the triune God delivers us from the power of sin and death, gives us new birth, adopts us as children, and makes us members of the body of Christ, the church.  We receive the precious gift of God’s Spirit which says: “You are my child, the beloved, in you I am well pleased” (Mark 1:11).

Baptismal Birthday Celebration

A celebration of your baptism into the family of Christ.
An event for 2 year olds, their parents, and a special prayer partner to encourage nurturing a habit of prayer within the home!
A celebration to introduce and welcome 3 year olds (& their parents) to Sunday School at Ascension!
Where 4 year olds (& their parents) learn about the joy of worship in church and at home!
Kindergartners (& their parents) get to explore ways to share God’s love through generosity!
1st graders (& their parents) explore the world of blessings and learn how they can be a blessing in worship!
2nd graders (& their parents) learn more about communicating with God through prayer!
A workshop where 3rd graders (& their parents) learn that God has “Words for You” in the Bible! It is within God’s word that we learn of God’s love for us.
A milestone event where 4th graders (& their parents) learn about the seasons of the church year and the significance of each!

A retreat where 5th graders (& their parents) discover the meaning of receiving Holy Communion as a child of God.

At this milestone event, 6th graders (& their parents) learn how to approach the changes of middle school with confidence as a person made in the image of God.
Through a trip to a local vineyard, 7th graders (& their parentes) learn that through Christ, there is a place for them at Holy Communion, and they also discover how they can make a place for others as they serve.
This milestone begins the journey through Confirmation for 8th graders (& their parents). They will learn more about this important time of faith formation intended to help them grow more fully into the people God created them to be!
At this event 9th graders (& their parents) will explore freedom as it is related to the Passover, Holy Communion and the baking of unleavened bread!

Confirmation Service for 10th Graders

Confirmation begins in 8th grade and culminates with a Faith Walk & Talk as well as the service of affirmation of baptism in the fall of one’s 10th grade year.
An event for 11th graders where we’ll talk about YOUR spiritual gifts, given to you by God, and how you can use those gifts to live out your faith.

As the high school graduates prepare to enter the world of work or further education, the congregation wraps them in love and prayer with the gift of a quilt made by our quilters.


A special prayer blessing for students starting or returning to school.